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    Indian Attorneys Debt Collection
    Managing AR portfolio of US$ 500 Million for Fortune 500 clients.
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    Indian Attorneys Debt Collection
    Managing AR portfolio of US$ 500 Million for Fortune 500 clients.
    Account Receivables Management and Financial
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Welcome to Indian Attorneys Debt Collection

Since inception, India Attorneys Debt Collection has strived to become a leader in domestic and international debt recovery. We work on a simple core belief – to provide debt recovery services to our clients that are comprehensive and at the same time ethically professional.

When it comes to debt recovery, we always negotiate and resolve disputes professionally and on-time. We know that your relationship with customers is important, thus in our debt collection process, we preserve the integrity and professionalism for our clients. India Attorneys Debt Collection adopts a professional and courteous approach with the debtors to keep your relationship intact whilst simultaneously protecting your interests.

We have the teams with expertise, skill, and experience of debt recovery process that includes attorneys and paralegals to ensure higher conversion rates. Our success rate of 90% does the talking.


In creating a global debt collection network, our mission has therefore been to protect the health of your cash flow by tapping into such global-local, or ‘global’ debt collection ability. India Collection & Debt Recovery Services is a regulated business that provides a specialist collection service for outstanding debts of greater than 90 days. Together, our global team of lawyers is one of the most powerful and effective instruments in the market.

Worldwide Debt Collection

To safeguard the health of your business’s cash flow and your business relations by leveraging local debt collection expertise together with specialist knowledge in worldwide debt collection, cross-border receivables recovery, and international credit reporting—for all economic zones, all client types, and all debt sizes. India Collection & Debt Recovery Services never “buy” the debts, and all money collected is passed directly to the client.

Quality Services

Quality collection services means that you are not only assured value for your money but that we make every effort to ensure your money will continue to have value—by being returned to you. That quality always takes priority in everything we do is also evidenced both in the rigorous vetting programmes we have in place for applicant members and in the close working relationships maintained between individual Offices. Only the best of the best pass the bar of our exacting quality controls to achieve and retain member status.

Our quality assurance is an integral part of how we conduct our daily operations.

Lastly, our quality assurance is grounded in the uncompromising pragmatism of a ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy on services: If we do not deliver, we do not get paid.

Complete debt collection service

We provide inclusive, specialized, commercial debt collection in both domestic and in over 130 countries worldwide. And, in addition, we can handle the complete process, from initial debtor contact in amicable approach through to legal approach in the local language.

Our prime objective is to secure the payment of debts without damaging relationships between both the parties. The way to our success is our experienced team, who professionally negotiate payment while retaining your trading relationships:

- World collection network of IADC
- Attorney’s help in professional collection and negotiation
- Working with renowned brands for collecting their debts
- Stress-free service managed from your IADC office

Debt Collection India

Debt recovery lawyers have more means at their disposal to put pressure on your debtor than a debt recovery agency or bailiff. In addition, we can assist you during both the extrajudicial and the judicial phase. This saves you time and money.

We will always provide you with straightforward advice concerning the likelihood of success of your debt recovery matter. Putting your interests first is important to us. So we invariably consider what would be your best option. That is the reason our core values are integrity and justice.

Fast Debt Recovery

Would you like to collect quickly? Then hand your debt recovery matter over to us, and we will act on your instructions that same day. Subsequently, your debtor will have just a few days to effect payment.

Customised Debt Recovery

Our commercial debt recovery approach is customised to each unique case, and we provide you with tailor-made advice.


Our Recovery Process Page but we need to use Anonyms/Synonyms for that to avoid copy content issue. Below mentioned points you can use. And content mentioned is for your reference.

Affable Negotiation

In principle, we always start the debt collection process with the extrajudicial phase. During this phase, we try to prevent Court intervention. We will contact your debtor to ensure that your debtor pays as yet. At this stage, we have the following options:

Written demand letters, phone calls and emails: We send the debtor a written demand letter and contact them by telephone, requesting that they pay your claim within a few days;

To effect a settlement: Our lawyers will use their knowledge of the customs of trade and regulations to arrive at a settlement with your debtor. Reaching a settlement is a very popular means in the United Kingdom to encourage your customer pay. This can also be used during legal proceedings;

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR): This is a cheaper, faster and easier way to settle disputes without Court intervention. One example is ‘Mediation’. It can offer both parties certainty in a shorter time period, as there is no need to wait for a court decision. ADR is actively encouraged by the courts, in fact, they do not like it if a party has unreasonably refused to engaged in ADR. Which method of ADR is right for your case largely depends on whether the debtor is willing to engage, and the type of contractual relationship you have;

Announcing legal proceedings:Often, announcing legal proceedings will convince your British debtor to pay.

Legal Negotiation

If the debtor does not pay within a set period of time, we can, in consultation with you, commence legally including

- Sending Legal Notice
- Drafting of Criminal Complaint
- Online filing of criminal complaint
- Assigning a Lawyer for litigation (if opted by client)

We will always provide you with information in advance regarding the potential costs, and we only proceed after obtaining your permission. We have the following options to proceed against your debtor:

Our Fee




How we work

Account is placed for debt collection.

Claim is reviewed and the data is entered into our debt collection program

Demand letter is sent to debtor via fax, mail and or email and an acknowledgment letter is sent to the Client.

Phone contacts begin.

We attempt to arrange payment, resolve any disputes and obtain clear commitments on debt resolution.

If we obtain payment commitment we work to ensure the payment(s) materialize.

If debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt we make final pre-legal collection attempts.

We send our update and recommendations to the Client, including details on forwarding claim to affiliated attorneys.

The Client authorizes forwarding the claim and we send it to our affiliated attorneys that are located near the debtor. We instruct them to work and investigate the claim for 60 days. If the Client decides not to authorized forwarding the claim, it is worked an additional 60 days then the file is closed.

Attorney sends update and recommendations. If they recommend initiating legal action they will provide us with their suit requirements.

When we receive suit requirements from the Client, the lawsuit is prepared and filed. When we do not received suit requirements or when the client is unwilling to litigate the attorneys will work on the claim for another 60 days then close it.

The complaint is served.

Attorneys file for default judgment if no answer is filed by debtor. If an answer is filed the discovery process begins and a trial date is later set.

If a judgment is awarded in our favor, attorneys file for a Writ of Attachment.

Attorneys attempt to locate and verify debtor assets.

Attorneys initiate bank levies/ garnishment orders/ liens/ etc. to satisfy the judgment.

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